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Hello Melynda,

Thank you so much for your timely response I really appreciate you taking the time to email me and advise that the matter has been taken care of.

I want to thank you so very much for your knowledgeable and professional counsel over these very tumultuous months and will be sure to recommend your services if anyone should ask.  You were extremely sensitive in dealing with my concerns and I feel very fortunate to have resolved the matter in a timely manner.  Now it is just upwards and onwards!

All the very best.

Best Regards, 


Thank you very much to you and your staff for all your help with this. I realize this is something you deal with regularly but the situation I found myself in was completely foreign to me and I am glad I got your help. From my first contact with you I felt that you were always there to provide advice and guidance. Although this was not in my immediate career plan I sincerely felt entitled to something monetary for the work I had done and you were able to achieve that for me. Had I tried to deal with this myself I would have just resigned with nothing to show for it. Needless to say having someone that understands the legal system and rights and has the ability to communicate that effectively to their client is well worth the investment. The entire process was an eye opener to the legal system for me and I was glad to have you on my side.


Dear Melynda,

I want to thank you so much for representing me so successfully, re my firing from my employer.

I knew from a former client of yours, that employment matters are your specialty, and I'm glad I went with my gut feeling to meet you and retain your services.

I'm so impressed that it took only one letter from you to turn the whole matter of my "paultry severance" around, in my favour...then of course some legal refinements back and forth for the final severance package.

I've passed your contact info on to two of my close former co-workers, who are struggling to keep afloat under the new ownership. I hear that a number of other fairly long term staff are feeling very vulnerable in their positions...and several other staff from various departments just recently quit for better prospects elsewhere. It's so sad to see this happen to a store where the original owners worked so hard...and really cared for the well-being of their employees.

I also want to thank your legal assistant, Claudia for her support. Claudia has shown me the utmost professionalism and courtesy in all of our interactions. You make a great team.

My very best wishes.