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Ask the Expert (Employment Contracts)

Is there such a thing as the “perfect job”? With the job market as it is, many workers simply feel lucky to have employment. Workers who find themselves without employment often jump at the opportunity to work. Little (or no) attention is paid to the pile of documents presented on hire. In fact, employees too frequently sign employment contracts without reading them let alone giving consideration to the long-term consequences.

Ask the Expert (Some Facts About Public Holidays)

Some Facts about Public Holidays: Summer is almost here and everybody wants to take as much advantage of the beautiful weather as they can. Let’s take a look at Public Holidays and how they fit into the work place.

Ask the Expert (Pregnancy and Parental Leave)

Question: I’m a new Dad who would like to take some time off to spend with my daughter. I’m a little embarrassed to ask my own HR department about this but I was wondering what options do I have?

Ask the Expert (Independent Contractors)

Question: I work for myself as an independent contractor. Am I protected by the same rules or are there different ones for me? What if I am fired?

Ask the Expert (Severance Entitlement Pay)

Ask the Expert? By Melynda Layton LLB, As Published in January 20, 2006 Edition of the Stittsville Weekender

Griping on the Net

Gripin’ on the Net, By Melynda Layton LLB, Currently Unpublished

Best Employment Practices for Condominiums

Best Employment Practices for Condominiums, By Melynda Layton LLB, Presented in September, 2005 at the ACMO CCI Conference

Dental Practices and Employment Law

Dental Practices and Employment Law, By Melynda Layton LLB, As Presented to the Royal Bank of Canada, 2005.

Changes to Legislation have Far-Reaching

Changes to Legislation have Far-Reaching Implications on Employment Contracts, By Melynda Layton LLB, As Published in November 2004 Issue of Up-Date OHRPA Newsletter

Employment Standards and Dismissal

Employment Standards and Dismissal for Incompetence, By Melynda Layton LLB, As Published in January 2002 Issue of Up-Date OHRPA Newsletter